Building Practice-Based Evidence in MCH

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About the Hub

AMCHP’s Innovation Hub (formerly Innovation Station) is an online platform that provides MCH professionals with tools and resources to explore, build, and share successful and effective practices from the maternal and child health (MCH) field. It is home to the MCH Innovations Database, a searchable repository of “what’s working” in the field that improves the health and well-being of MCH populations. Practices in the database are assessed along a continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact, among other criteria. Click here to learn more.


Share your work with peers and expand the MCH evidence base by submitting to Innovation Hub.

Our Mission

AMCHP’s Innovation Hub aims to facilitate peer learning, build the MCH evidence base, and identify and promote effective, equitable, and evidence-based practices and policies that will help us to make a collective impact in MCH.