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BABY & ME – Tobacco Free

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Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, WisconsinCommunity, Rural, Urban, ClinicalWomen/Maternal HealthSubstance Use14.1, 14.2

The BABY & ME – Tobacco Free Program serves pregnant women who currently use tobacco or who quit within three months of becoming pregnant. A qualifying support partner may also enroll.

The three elements of the program include:
 Individualized Counseling
 Bio-Chemical Testing
 Contingency Management (Incentives)

Each participant engages in tobacco strategies tailored to her unique situation. She is biochemically-tested at each visit to verify nicotine status and, if nicotine-free, qualifies to receive diaper vouchers each month up until baby's first birthday. Ongoing support and health behavior education is interwoven throughout all encounters.

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BABY & ME - Tobacco Free
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