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Family Foundations

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Family Foundations (FF) helps prepare couples for parenthood by fostering attitudes and skills that foster positive parenting teamwork (“co-parenting”). The approach is based on decades of research indicating that the levels of support among parents and co-parents strongly predict child mental health and adjustment, as well as parent well-being. In addition to fostering parenting teamwork among adults , FF covers topics including emotion regulation, temperament, secure attachment, and positive parenting routines.

Several NIH-funded, randomized trials have demonstrated positive outcomes for the original FF class series, consisting of 4 class meetings before birth, and 4 classes after birth (delivered in-person or via videoconference); e-FF, an online, self-study version of the program parents complete together; FF@Home, a home-visiting adaptation for low to moderate income expectant/new parents; and Strong Foundations, an adaptation for pregnant and parenting adolescents delivered in high school; Parent Navigators, a parent peer-mentoring version for parents with a young child just diagnosed with Autism; and Healthy Foundations, an adaptation of FF integrated with SBIRT, a brief alcohol intervention, for expectant couples in which the father is a moderate to heavy alcohol user. Other versions are being developed for other high-risk groups; contact us for details.

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