Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

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Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

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CaliforniaCommunityCYSHCNService Coordination & Integration3, 6, 11

MVCCP Project Outcomes To Be Achieved Through:
(1) Earlier identification and treatment of medical and developmental conditions.
(2) Support local services that already exist to achieve greater effectiveness.
(3) Streamlined access to and maintenance of health insurance and a medical home.
(4) Realizing cost savings for at-risk infants and children to better serve all children.
(5) Focusing on individual cases to develop best practices of care coordination.
(6) Building strong, long-term provider partnerships to sustain a system of care coordination that is practical,
affordable, and responsive to changing conditions.
(7) Providing Trauma-Informed Care training, to achieve a Trauma-Informed County, renamed Resilient Kern in 2020 (
(8) Helping other locales replicate the Kern County care coordination model.

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First 5 Kern (California) Children and Families Commission
Hector Guttierrez

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