Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

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Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

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CaliforniaCommunityCYSHCNService Coordination & Integration3, 6, 11

Vision Statement – Since 2008, we have used coordinated services to measurably improve outcomes for Kern County children, families, and communities at risk of lifelong medical and mental health issues resulting from childhood trauma and toxic stress.

MVCCP Project Outcomes To Be Achieved Through:
(1) Earlier identification and treatment of medical and developmental conditions.
(2) Support local services that already exist to achieve greater effectiveness.
(3) Streamlined access to and maintenance of health insurance and a medical home.
(4) Realizing cost savings for at-risk infants and children to better serve all children.
(5) Focusing on individual cases to develop best practices of care coordination.
(6) Building strong, long-term provider partnerships to sustain a system of care coordination that is practical,
affordable, and responsive to changing conditions.
(7) Providing Trauma-Informed Care training, to achieve a Trauma-Informed County, renamed Resilient Kern in 2020 (
(8) Helping other locales replicate the Kern County care coordination model.

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First 5 Kern (California) Children and Families Commission
Hector Guttierrez
Marc Thibault

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