Perinatal Substance Use Bundle

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Perinatal Substance Use Bundle

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The Indiana Perinatal Quality Improvement Collaborative (IPQIC) drafted a PSU practice bundle to establish a uniform process of identification and intervention from screening at the first prenatal visit to discharge planning and follow-up for both the mother and the baby. The goal is to provide the tools necessary to address the needs of pregnant women who are using licit or illicit substances as well as their newborns who are exposed to the substances.

This practice was developed by the IPQIC Perinatal Substance Use Taskforce. This task force was convened in May 2014 with approximately 50 members who met monthly to accomplish deliverables. The resulting PSU practice bundle was approved in October 2018 with plans to implement its use statewide in 2019.

The intended benefit of the practice bundle is to offer support resources to mothers, management recommendations to healthcare providers, and provide a standardized treatment plan for newborns exposed to perinatal substance use or diagnosed with NAS. The practice bundle promotes consistent communication between inpatient and outpatient health care providers and state social services.

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