Quality Improvement in Maternity Care via Project ECHO

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Quality Improvement in Maternity Care via Project ECHO

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Telehealth sessions were determined to be a platform that could deliver education and interactivity. This technology is being used for this project to facilitate educational sessions for Utah and Wyoming hospitals. The target population for this intervention include clinicians who interact with maternal patients--including Labor and Delivery, Postpartum staff, hospital administrators, public health, academia and other Perinatal Quality Collaboratives nationwide.

The educational sessions were created for the Obstetric Hemorrhage, Hypertension and most recently, the Obstetric Care for women with Opioid Use Disorder Safety Bundles. They are recorded and available on a YouTube channel for future viewing. It is a helpful way to provide education to hospitals statewide, including rural areas. We are continually soliciting participant feedback for their satisfaction with the sessions, ideas for future sessions and how we can support them in implementing the various Safety Bundles.

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