Women’s Health Education Navigation (WHEN) Program

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Women’s Health Education Navigation (WHEN) Program

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New YorkCommunityWomen/Maternal HealthBirth Outcomes & Breastfeeding1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 14.1, 14.2, 15

The goals of the Women’s Health Education Navigation (WHEN) program are to increase the incidence of healthy pregnancies, positive birth outcomes, and healthy infants in a vulnerable population of women and infants who are justice-involved. The WHEN Program includes preconception/interconception health education, case management, patient navigation, and linkage to community-based services. After referral from the courts, jails or other community agencies, the Patient Navigator addresses women’s immediate needs including housing and food, in addition to coordinating transportation, accompanying clients to medical appointments, guiding them through social services application processes, and arranging appropriate services for clients with mental health, substance abuse, or chronic health care issues.

Program Objectives
To improve access and integration of services related to preconception care, primary care, prevention, and social support through a well-integrated referral network; improve integration and access of services for pregnant women through case management; and improve the level of knowledge about behaviors that promote healthy pregnancies, healthy birth outcomes, and positive parenting behaviors through planned educational sessions.

Target Population Served
Pregnant or parenting women who are involved with the justice system.

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