As a part of our overall rebrand efforts, AMCHP Innovation Hub (formerly AMCHP Innovation Station) is working to transition the database over from its current website to our new WordPress page As a current practice in our database, this is an exciting opportunity as on the new platform, your practice will have its own webpage within the website (see pictures in instructions document attached to our email).

To complete this database transition, we need all existing practices to complete this survey to help us populate your practice’s webpage. This is an opportunity to customize what folks see when they visit your page. You will have the opportunity to update this information an at least an annual basis during the annual updating process we will be implementing, as well as throughout the year by contacting us directly. See the instructions document attached to our email for more information. Note: It is okay if you do not have answers to every field, such as Twitter, logo, or supplemental PDFs, and that supplemental PDFs are capped at 2.