Welcome to the MCH Innovations Database, a searchable database of effective practices grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Practices are assessed along a practice continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact, among other criteria. 

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Promising Practice

Power Me A2Z Folic Acid Program

The Power Me A2Z folic acid and education program educates women of childbearing age about the importance of folic acid consumption, regardless of their pregnancy plans, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, or geographic location in the state, and provides free multivitamins with folic acid through an online order form and community partners.

Policy Implementation

Non-Punitive Approach to Substance Use in Pregnancy

This policy was developed in New Mexico in response to the federal CARA amendment to the federal CAPTA law that stated all state child welfare agencies are required to ensure every baby born exposed to substances receives a Plan of Care and that the numbers of babies receiving Plans of Care are reported to the Federal Agency.

Policy Development


The MMRC was created by the DC City Council in consultation with the DC Department of Health (DOH) to identify the causes of maternal mortality in DC and determine actions that can be taken to decrease the rate.

Promising Practice

Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

Vision Statement – Since 2008, we have used coordinated services to measurably improve outcomes for Kern County children, families, and communities at risk of lifelong medical and mental health issues resulting from childhood trauma and toxic stress.

Emerging Practice

Sisters United: Promoting Healthy Habits, Protecting Our Babies

SISTERS UNITED is a culturally sensitive, community-based initiative designed to increase public awareness about the burden of infant mortality, associated risk factors, and how to prevent these deaths.

Promising Practice

Starting Out Right: Positive Strategies to Guide Adolescents through Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

Starting Out Right is a pregnancy health education and supportive services program and curriculum developed to address the needs of pregnant teens and to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for the adolescent and their baby.

Best Practice

Pathways Community HUB Institute (PCHI)

The Pathways Community HUB Model (PCH) is a nationally recognized, comprehensive community care coordination approach demonstrating improved health outcomes. The PCH is a financially accountable, outcome-based payment model designed to identify and mitigate risks and measure results.

Emerging Practice

BRIGHT Intervention (Building Resilience through Intervention: Growing Healthier Together)

BRIGHT is an attachment-based trauma-responsive therapeutic intervention for mothers with substance use disorder/opioid use disorder (SUD/OUD) and their infants/young children birth through age five that aims to improve the parent-child relationship and maternal mental health, and decrease child maltreatment by increasing maternal sensitivity and parenting capacities, thereby promoting healthy child development.

Cutting-Edge Practice

GROWTH with Doulas and Dads

The GROWTH Doula project provides pregnant women with the direct home visitation and Doula support that promotes healthy births, bonding, and mother/child attachment. The program provides prenatal support services, health education, mentoring, hospital labor and delivery assistance, breastfeeding, and nutrition support.

Promising Practice

The JJ Way® Model of Maternity Care – Easy Access Clinic

The JJ Way® Model of Maternity Care provides quality prenatal and postpartum care with the goal of eliminating disparities due to race and socio-economic class. We have developed a model that uses a collaborative, team-based approach which has significantly reduced the incidence of preterm births and low birth weight babies, with no accounts of maternal mortality.

Promising Practice

On-Demand Telesimulation in Maternal-Newborn Care and Clinical Lactation

Go beyond boring webinars! On-Demand Telesimulation is the first and only online program for live, clinical practice with pregnant or lactating patients and their newborns. Healthcare professionals who complete telesimulations receive oral and written feedback on their clinical performance relevant to lactation support and maternal-newborn care.

Promising Practice

Partners In Pregnancy

Partners in Pregnancy is a partnership between Comprehensive Health Investment Project (CHIP) of Virginia and the Optima Health Plan aimed at improving health outcomes for high risk pregnant women and their infants.

Partners in Pregnancy provides high-risk pregnant women and their infants with the care they need to survive and grow up healthy. The program involves home visits and case management by CHIP nurses and Parent Educators, in combination with a medical home and regular nurse consultations provided by Optima Health.

Promising Practice

Prenatal Plus Program

Prenatal Plus is a Medicaid-funded program that provides care coordination, nutrition and mental health counseling to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women in Colorado who are at a higher risk for delivering low birthweight infants.

Cutting-Edge Practice

Recommendation Tools to Align Fatality Review Programs to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

The Michigan Fetal Infant Mortality Review Program (FIMR) created tools to improve the process of how local FIMR recommendations were written, collected, and elevated to the state for analysis and to align with Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance recommendations to identify common themes/trends. Additionally, the tools assist with tracking and implementation of recommendations at the local level.

Emerging Practice

The Cuff Kit Program

The Cuff Kit Program enables home blood pressure monitoring to enhance obstetric care and more actively engage mothers in their own prenatal and postpartum healthcare. The kits include validated automatic blood pressure measurement devices and patient education materials (print, online and video) that simply explain how to take accurate blood pressure readings and the importance of doing so during pregnancy and beyond. We have priced these for quick turnaround bulk shipment to participating healthcare providers and are also collecting and reporting data to demonstrate the efficacy of home blood pressure monitoring. Brought to you by the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Cutting-Edge Practice

Maternal Mortality Prevention Program

Colorado's Maternal Mortality Prevention Program uses a three-pronged approach of community-led solutions, clinical quality improvement, and public health programs to eliminate preventable maternal deaths in the State of Colorado, reduce maternal morbidities, and improve population health and health equity for pregnant and postpartum people.

Promising Practice

Young Parent-Centered Case Management

The Massachusetts Pregnant and Parenting Teen Initiative's young parent-centered case management model is a two-generation model providing case management to expectant and parenting adolescents using a positive youth development approach that builds on participants' strengths. The program goal is to increase life opportunities and enhance family stability among young families through supporting educational attainment and employment; improving access to health services; supporting child development; and promoting healthy relationships.

Best Practice

Count the Kicks

Count the Kicks is an evidence-based stillbirth prevention campaign that teaches expectant parents the method for and importance of tracking their baby’s movement in the third trimester of pregnancy, with the goal of lowering the country’s stillbirth rate and saving babies across the nation.