Welcome to the MCH Innovations Database, a searchable database of effective practices grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Practices are assessed along a practice continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact, among other criteria. 

Also check out our partners' work for more MCH practices and policies grounded in peer-reviewed literature: MCHbest database: Search for evidence-based/informed strategies related to the 15 National Performance Measures (NPMs) through the MCHbest database that summarizes the science of what works in the peer-reviewed literature.

25 Results

Promising Practice

Infant-Toddler Court Teams (based on the Safe Babies Court Team™ approach)

Infant-Toddler Court Teams are a collaborative practice that improves, aligns, and integrates systems and builds community capacity to advance the health and well-being of very young children and families who become involved with the child welfare system. The practice is driven by an overarching vision of prevention, in which systems-integration and capacity building strengthens family protective factors and addresses the social determinants of health.

Promising Practice

Young Parent-Centered Case Management

The Massachusetts Pregnant and Parenting Teen Initiative's young parent-centered case management model is a two-generation model providing case management to expectant and parenting adolescents using a positive youth development approach that builds on participants' strengths. The program goal is to increase life opportunities and enhance family stability among young families through supporting educational attainment and employment; improving access to health services; supporting child development; and promoting healthy relationships.

Emerging Practice

Parents as Detailers for Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Learn The Signs. Act Early" materials, Parents as Detailers trains parents of children with disabilities to conduct brief educational “detailing” sessions in primary care settings.

Promising Practice

Family Voices of California Project Leadership

Family Voices of California Project Leadership is a seven-session comprehensive training curriculum plus support services designed to help family members develop the skills and resources they need to partner at all levels and to engage in public policy advocacy activities in California on behalf of CYSHCN.

Promising Practice

Expanding Early Identification Efforts through Electronic Development and Social Emotional Screening

Ten community-level, public screening agencies, including education, public health, primary care and Head Start programs, participated in a sixteen-month electronic screening pilot opportunity from August 2015 through December 2016. This pilot aimed to consolidate screening forms for a variety of agencies into a centralized electronic screening platform that could be used by agencies that provide screening to families of young children.

Promising Practice

PASOS Connections for Child Development

PASOs Connections for Child Development was developed to address the specific strengths and challenges of Latino families with young children in a new immigrant settlement area. It uses a culturally tailored, early identification and referral model, that aims to address the screening gaps and deficits related to school readiness often experienced by Latino children.

Emerging Practice

Newborn Screening Education Best Practice Framework

The Newborn Screening Education Best Practice Framework is intended to help users design and evaluate approaches to newborn screening awareness building and education efforts. This framework will guide them through the process of selecting contextually appropriate newborn screening education approaches.