Welcome to the MCH Innovations Database, a searchable database of effective practices grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Practices are assessed along a practice continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact, among other criteria. 

Also check out our partners' work for more MCH practices and policies grounded in peer-reviewed literature: MCHbest database: Search for evidence-based/informed strategies related to the 15 National Performance Measures (NPMs) through the MCHbest database that summarizes the science of what works in the peer-reviewed literature.

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Emerging Practice

Parent Leadership Development

Parent Leadership Development enhances the capacity of parents of children and youth with special health care needs to advocate on behalf of their own and other children and families at local, state, and national levels to improve education, health, human services, and other policies affecting children, youth, and families.

Emerging Practice

Medical Emergency Preparedness Pediatrics

The Medical Emergency Preparedness Pediatrics Project helped strengthen Alaska's approach to pediatric emergency preparedness by centering the unique needs of children within planning processes.

Emerging Practice

The Clinic & Community Connections Project (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

The Clinic & Community Connections Project brings medical providers into Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders prevention by assisting and training clinical staff to incorporate comprehensive maternal alcohol screening, counseling, support and referrals.

Promising Practice

Florida Infant Risk Screening Tool

The screening is offered to the parents of every newborn in Florida to identify those with the greatest risk of having health problems and post neonatal death.

Emerging Practice

Healthy Teeth Happy Babies

The Healthy Teeth Happy Babies campaign’s goals are to educate new and expecting parents in metro Denver about the connection between parent/baby dental health and motivate preventive behavior change, especially in high-risk (low-income/Hispanic) populations.

Best Practice

The HealthConnect One Community-Based Doula Program

The Community-Based Doula Program provides support to young families during pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period.

Best Practice

PASOS Health Connections

PASOs was founded in 2005 after research showed that Latino families needed more support and information from a trusted source to address disparities and health inequities, and that our state’s support systems were not prepared to close the gaps. PASOs becomes a bridge between
Latino families and the resources they need, bringing families’ voices forward to speak to the inequities that challenge them, and delivering information to families in a culturally appropriate way.

Best Practice

Texas Children’s Hospital Healthcare Transition Planning Tool

The Transition Planning Tool is an assessment and education tool designed to facilitate health care transition planning during a clinic visit in order to prepare adolescents/young adults with special health care needs and their families to transition to adult-based care. 

Emerging Practice

Florida Newborn Screening Results-Online Access System

The goal of the Florida Newborn Screening Results (FNSR) is to get newborn screening results into the hands of the primary care physician by providing easy online access to these results.

Emerging Practice

The Ohio Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review: The Use of Simulation Training to Prepare for Obstetric Emergencies

This project sought to reduce pregnancy-related maternal deaths by implementing a series of simulation trainings for medical and nursing staff working primarily within low-resource birthing centers in Ohio. T

Emerging Practice

Parents as Detailers for Learn the Signs. Act Early.

Using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Learn The Signs. Act Early" materials, Parents as Detailers trains parents of children with disabilities to conduct brief educational “detailing” sessions in primary care settings.

Emerging Practice

Reducing the Risk of SIDS and Other Sleep-related Infant Deaths through the Design and Deployment of Free Educational Apps for Mobile Phones

The SIDS Center of New Jersey expanded its educational toolkit for reducing the risk of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death by the development of two free mobile phone apps, SIDS Info and Baby Be Well,® to enhance provider, parental, family, and community knowledge of and virtual access to safe infant sleep and other risk lowering information, with the former app adding English and Spanish voice-over to its bilingual text and graphics.

Promising Practice

La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz

The La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz program helps promote healthy weight among low-income Latina girls.

Best Practice

Oregon Youth Transition Program

Oregon’s Youth Transition Program is a comprehensive transition program for youth with disabilities to prepare them for employment or career related post secondary education or training.

Promising Practice

Young Parent-Centered Case Management

The Massachusetts Pregnant and Parenting Teen Initiative's young parent-centered case management model is a two-generation model providing case management to expectant and parenting adolescents using a positive youth development approach that builds on participants' strengths. The program goal is to increase life opportunities and enhance family stability among young families through supporting educational attainment and employment; improving access to health services; supporting child development; and promoting healthy relationships.

Promising Practice

Oregon Care COOrdinatioN Program (CaCoon)

Oregon Care COOrdinatioN Program (CaCoon) is a community-based care coordination program for CYSHCN that helps families navigate barriers and links them with supportive services.

Cutting-Edge Practice

Maternal Mortality Prevention Program

Colorado's Maternal Mortality Prevention Program uses a three-pronged approach of community-led solutions, clinical quality improvement, and public health programs to eliminate preventable maternal deaths in the State of Colorado, reduce maternal morbidities, and improve population health and health equity for pregnant and postpartum people.

Emerging Practice

Home By One Program

The Home By One program seeks to establish a dental home for all CT children by age one, particularly those at high risk, through an integrated partnership connecting parents, WIC nutritionists, pediatricians, dentists, and advocates.