Welcome to the MCH Innovations Database, a searchable database of effective practices grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Practices are assessed along a practice continuum and receive a designation of Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact, among other criteria. 

Also check out our partners' work for more MCH practices and policies grounded in peer-reviewed literature: MCHbest database: Search for evidence-based/informed strategies related to the 15 National Performance Measures (NPMs) through the MCHbest database that summarizes the science of what works in the peer-reviewed literature.

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Best Practice

Innovative Approaches: Community Systems Building Grants for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN)

The purpose of the Innovative Approaches (IA) initiative is threefold: (1) to thoroughly examine the community system of care for CYSHCN; (2) to facilitate community identification of sustainable system changes and promising practices; and (3) to coordinate the implementation of these practices with agencies, providers, and families in the community.

Promising Practice

1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative

The 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative supports healthy cognitive, social, and emotional development of Iowa children through work with primary care providers to implement developmental surveillance and standardized developmental screening at well-child exams to assure early detection of developmental delays and referral, early intervention, and follow-up during the first five years.

Best Practice

Family Foundations

Family Foundations is a transition to parenthood program for couples and coparents that has been shown in several randomized trials to reduce adverse birth outcomes, parent mental health problems, and family conflict and violence and promote long-term child emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes.

Best Practice

Pathways Community HUB Institute (PCHI)

The Pathways Community HUB Model (PCH) is a nationally recognized, comprehensive community care coordination approach demonstrating improved health outcomes. The PCH is a financially accountable, outcome-based payment model designed to identify and mitigate risks and measure results.

Promising Practice

Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait Consumer Education Initiative

The March of Dimes Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait® (HBWW) program is a community-based initiative to decrease preventable premature birth

Best Practice

Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait

Kentucky's preterm birth rate continues to be above the national average. This program allows local health departments to collaborate with local birthing hospitals or providers to address comprehensive care and modifiable risk factors.

Promising Practice

Starting Out Right: Positive Strategies to Guide Adolescents through Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth

Starting Out Right is a pregnancy health education and supportive services program and curriculum developed to address the needs of pregnant teens and to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for the adolescent and their baby.

Emerging Practice

Sisters United: Promoting Healthy Habits, Protecting Our Babies

SISTERS UNITED is a culturally sensitive, community-based initiative designed to increase public awareness about the burden of infant mortality, associated risk factors, and how to prevent these deaths.

Promising Practice

Kern County (CA) Medically Vulnerable Care Coordination Project

Vision Statement – Since 2008, we have used coordinated services to measurably improve outcomes for Kern County children, families, and communities at risk of lifelong medical and mental health issues resulting from childhood trauma and toxic stress.

Best Practice

Core PATCH Package – A Replicable, Youth-Driven Intervention to Improve the Way Adolescents Receive, Experience, and Utilize Health Care

The Core PATCH Package strives to bring youth voice to the forefront of adolescent health care conversations while providing the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to be drivers of change in their community. This program replication package was created for those (e.g. community-based organizations, health care systems, public health agencies, and schools) who want to become community and replication partners by launching a PATCH Site in their own community.

Promising Practice

PATCH Youth Advocacy Fellowship – A Model to Support & Engage Young People in Adolescent Health Conversations at Community & State Levels

The Wisconsin PATCH Youth Advocacy Fellowship empowers young people, ages 12-21, to grow as leaders and young activists by making their voices heard in community and state level conversations. They provide advice and input on goals, decisions, initiatives, and practices that impact the health of their generation. The Fellowship spans the course of 9-months (September –May) with paid engagement and learning via training, enrichment meetings, individual learning modules, and the development of an individual Community Advocacy Project. Youth Advocates also serve as consultants, bringing youth voice to the projects and initiatives of individuals, organizations, and systems working to improve adolescent health throughout Wisconsin.

Cutting-Edge Practice

PATCH Toolkits: PATCH for Teens & PATCH for Parents – Helping Teens and Their Parents Understand Adolescent Rights & Responsibilities in Health Care Settings

The PATCH for Teens and PATCH for Parents Toolkits are resources for all educators (e.g., those in schools, community-and faith-based organizations, businesses, health care systems, and public health agencies) who want to help young people gain more independence and responsibility over their health and health care decisions. Each Toolkit contains a step-by-step guide that provides information, materials, and activities necessary to deliver an empowering and interactive health education session.

Emerging Practice

Improving Oral Health Outcomes for Pregnant Women and Infants by Educating Home Visitors

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Dental Health Program (DHP) developed a model that provides trainings and resources for home visitors (HVs), family support workers, family educators, and nurses to share with the families they serve.

Emerging Practice

Mississippi Interpregnancy Care Project: The MIME and DIME Studies

The Interpregnancy Care Project of Mississippi investigated whether primary health care and social support following very low birthweight delivery improved subsequent child spacing and pregnancy outcomes among low income black women.

Emerging Practice

Care Connection for Children

The Virginia Care Connection for Children (CCC) Program provides care coordination services for children with special health care needs who have a condition that is of a physical basis. Services are provided in partnership with major medical centers across the state. The program helps families attain and maintain a relationship with a medical home to include specialty provider care.

Emerging Practice

NESST(R) Newborns Exposed to Substances: Support and Therapy

NESST(R) supports the health and well-being of parents and infants impacted by substance use disorder (SUD). This two-provider home- and community-based program provides dyadic parent-child therapy and peer recovery support in order to enhance parents’ emotional health and functioning, reduce stressors and barriers to success, and improve children’s developmental trajectories.

Promising Practice

KIDS Network Safe Sleep Instructor Certification Project

The KIDS Network Safe Sleep Instructor (SSI) Certification Project is designed to build statewide infrastructure to embed and implement consistent safe sleep strategies with providers, parents, and caregivers to reduce sleep-related infant death.

Emerging Practice

Minnesota Care Coordination Systems Assessment and Action Planning

Tool for conducting a systems assessment focused on identifying how care coordination is provided in the state and the needs of those providing coordination services.