How does AMCHP define commonly used terms in their RFA?

You will see the following terms several times throughout our RFA:   

  • Technical Assistance 
    • Supporting individuals and organizations to increase their capacity to achieve an intended outcome. This may look like providing trainings, providing support to apply different tools, providing feedback/input on project activities, sharing relevant resources and materials.  
  • Core Components 
    • The key “ingredients” or activities of a practice. These are what make the practice function effectively.  
  • Replication 
    • Duplicating the activities from an Innovation Station practice in a different setting. For the purposes of the Replication Project, replication might not entail replicating a practice as is. Usually, some adaptation or innovation is required and is encouraged to make the practice more appropriate for the recipient’s specific context.    
  • Adaptation 
    • Modifying or adjusting aspects of an Innovation Station practice so it fits better with the context it will be implemented in.  
  • Implementation  
    • Putting the Innovation Station practice into action/the process of carrying out the Innovation Station practice. 
  • Stakeholders  
    • This refers to those individuals or organizations who will ultimately be impacted by your Replication Project. This includes a special emphasis on the community and those with lived experience. 

AMCHP uses a contract to execute its Replication Projects.  For common questions regarding contact execution and expenditures please view the questions below.