What is AMCHP’s contract process?

There are two main parts of the contract process: the risk assessment and the overall process.  

Risk Assessment  

  • Prior to developing a contract, AMCHP will send the grantee a risk assessment for completion.  You can access a copy of the risk assessment here: http://www.amchp.org/programsandtopics/BestPractices/InnovationStation/Documents/AMCHP%20Risk%20Assessment%20Policy.pdf.  
  • The purpose of the risk assessment is to systematically evaluate the potential financial risks that may be involved if AMCHP supports a grantee to participate in the Replication Project.  Grantees are then categorized according to level of financial risk. Note: If you are classified as high-risk this does not prevent you from participating in the Replication Projects. It means that AMCHP may need to provide you with additional support to participate. Please refer to the next question for more information on the risk assessment process.  
  • Once the grantee completes the Risk Assessment, the contract process will be initiated. 

Contract Process 

  • AMCHP will send the contract to the grantee. 
  • The grantee will review the contract and sign if no revisions. 
  • If revisions, send to AMCHP. 
  • AMCHP will go through an internal review process 
    • AMCHP staff will contact grantee to explain revisions and request further review and/or signature.   
  • AMCHP will sign the contract.  
  • The grantee will be provided with a copy of the contract signed by all parties.