What is the structure and format of the Replication Projects?

The 2021-2022 Replication Project will run from approximately May 2021-April 2022.  AMCHP will provide two separate tracks of TA depending on an organization’s level of readiness to replicate an Innovation Station practice. One track focuses on capacity building and developing the infrastructure necessary to implement a practice in Innovation Station (the Capacity Building Track), and the second track provides TA for applicants who are ready to begin implementation of a practice (the implementation track). An interactive checklist to (1) assess the readiness of potential applicants to apply for a Replication Project and (2) determine which TA track is most appropriate was developed with Oscar Fleming from NIRN and is based on key activities from the Implementation Stages Framework.  

Both Replication Project tracks will be structured as cohorts with participants receiving group TA in the form of quarterly webinars which will focus on specific tools and trainings aligned with the Implementation Stages Framework. For example, the Capacity Building Track will focus on content related to assessing needs and generating buy-in to support replication. The Implementation Track will focus on adaptation, small tests of change, and program sustainability. As a point of clarification, these two tracks are distinct, and you do not need to have participated in the Capacity Building Track to apply for the Implementation Track. Individuals who participate in the Capacity Building Track may also apply for the Implementation Track later.  

During the tracks’ quarterly webinars, participants will have the opportunity to share and gather insights from other grantees. Each grantee will also receive extensive support and replication guidance from a representative of the Innovation Station practice being replicated.