This TA opportunity is currently closed. Please check back in Fall 2021 when the next cycle of applications will be open.

As a part of its Replication Projects AMCHP offers up to four awards annually for any interested organization or agency to replicate an Emerging, Promising, or Best practice from its Innovation Hub Database. To learn more about the database and effective practices continuum, click here.

To learn more about the process and benefits of conducting a Replication Project, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Format and structure

The 2021-2022 AMCHP Replication Project will run from approximately May 2021-April 2022. AMCHP will provide two separate tracks of TA depending on an organization’s level of readiness to replicate an Innovation Hub practice:

  1. Capacity Building Track: This track is designed for organizations who have selected a practice from the MCH Innovations Database to implement but need additional support and technical assistance to get the practice up and running. This track will focus on helping you develop and/or strengthen infrastructure and capacity necessary to replicate an identified practice from Innovation Station. The award for this track is $15,000. 
  1. Implementation Track: This track is designed for organizations who have selected a practice from the MCH Innovations Database and have demonstrated the organizational supports and partnership necessary to successfully implement the practice. This track will help you adapt the practice to your context, conduct small tests of change to determine which changes are effective/ineffective, as well as improve program sustainability. The award for this track is $30,000. 

Complete our Replication Project Readiness Assessment to determine if your agency or organization is prepared to participate in the projects, as well as which track is appropriate for you.

Note: Replication Projects are not designed to fully fund the replication of a practice. Instead, these projects are an opportunity for applicants to get individualized guidance from national experts and representatives from Innovation Hub practices to apply an implementation science framework to approaching their work that will enable them to effectively replicate or plan to replicate a practice in the future. 

Current replication projects